Illinois Route 173 Plan

The Boone County Board authorized the process for the creation of the Illinois Route 173 Plan in 2006 - during the construction of a new interchange located at Illinois Route 173 and I39/90.  The plan was largely funded through the assistance of the Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning (RMAP - previously known as RATS). The goal of the Plan was to re-look at the Comprehensive Plan and ensure that it properly addressed the changes that were probable from the new traffic patterns created by the Illinois Route 173 Interchange. 

Three main maps were created during the 173 planning process which looked at the three segments of Boone County through which Illinois Route 173 runs.  Each of the maps utilized the adopted land use plans of the entities contained within them.  The true recomendations were regarding the transportation system and how best to preserve the efficiency of Illinois Route 173. The main maps are availble for viewing here.

Other portions of the plan contained not only recommendations regarding the transportation system, but also recommendations on how to ensure that the development planned for by the County and various municipalities was of the highest quality.  The full text of the plan is available here.