Flora Neighborhood Plan

The process for creating the Flora Neighborhood Plan was authorized by the Belvidere City Council in 2005.  The intent of the plan was to refine the land use and transportation recommendations for the I-90 corridor that runs along the southern edge of the City of Belvidere.  The plan was largely funded by three large property owners with an interest in how the City of Belvidere will develop along the corridor.

Contained within the plan is a detailed land use plan for the area generally bounded by the Boone County line on the West, Newburg Road on the North, Fern Hill Road on the East and Bates Road on the South.  The land use shown on the map were intended to happen over a 50 year period, longer than the typical 20 year period utilized by many plans.  The map is available for viewing here.

To support the aggresive and forward thinking land uses shown on the maps, two documents were created.  The first was developed in a story book format allowing a broad brush review of the plan and its recommendations.  The second was the more traditional text associated with a planning process that futher breaks down the individual land uses and the recommendations for the area.  The story book is available for viewing here.  The report is available for review at the planning department.

Flora Neighborhood Plan Text pt1.pdf 9.81 MB
Flora Neighborhood Plan Text pt2.pdf 6.14 MB