Boone County Regional Stormwater Management Planning Committee

In 2005 the State of Illinois provided select counties the ability to create and enforce stormwater regulations on a countywide basis. The action of the State was an expansion upon legislation that was approved previously for counties located in and around the Chicago area. A key component of the legislation (55 ILCS 5/5-1062.2) was the ability for Boone County to create a Regional Stormwater Planning Committee.

The Committee
In the summer of 2006, the County Board passed Resolution 06-17 creating a Stormwater Management Committee for the County of Boone. The stated purpose of the Committee is to consolidate and establish minimum stormwater management practices and develop and adopt a countywide plan for stormwater management. Membership of the Committee is established by State law and includes 3 County Board members and 3 Municipal representatives. The current members of the Committee include:

Terri Glass, County Board Member - Chair
Brent Anderson, Municipal Representative - Vice-chair
Marshall Newhouse, County Board Member
Bev Moore, Municipal Representative
Danny Anderson, County Board Member
Craig Lawler, Municipal Representative

Stormwater Plan
Over the past several years, the Committee has been working on the creation of a Stormwater Plan for Boone County, the first stage towards the goal of consolidated stormwater regulations. To that end, the Committee established a Technical Subcommittee to complete a draft of the plan. The subcommittee completed their task in Spring of 2010 and over the next several months the Committee will be reviewing the draft document and then presenting the document to the public. The draft document and associated maps are available for review here.

Stormwater Management Plan Draft
Draft Stormwater Management Plan Maps