5 Year Capital Improvement Plan


  1. Logan Avenue from US Business Route 20 to US Route 20.
  2. Capron Road from the north line of the Village of Capron to Hunter Road.
  3. Garden Prairie Road bridge over the Kishwaukee River.


  1. Caledonia Road from Illinois Route 173 to Hunter Road.
  2. Stone Quarry Road from Chrysler Drive to the DeKalb County Line.
  3. County Line bridge over Spring Creek.


  1. Manchester Road from the Winnebago County line to Ilinois Route 76.


  1. Manchester Road and State Line Road from Illinois Route 76 to Salt Box Road.


  1. Genoa Road from US Route 20 to the I-90 bridge.

Other Anticipated Bridgework:

  1. Replace the bridge on Poplar Grove Road (Pleasant Street) over the Kishwaukee River. Anticipated remaining life is five to ten years.
  2. Replace the bridge on Woodstock Road over the Piscasaw Creek. Anticipated remaining life is five to ten years. This project wold include realigning Woodstock Road to intersect with the south Woodstock Road and Poplar Grove Road intersection, by the new golf course.