Communicable Disease

The Boone County Health Department is responsible for the identification of potential communicable disease problems and the control of the spread of communicable disease within the community.

BCHD coordinates the investigation of communicable disease outbreaks, determines the scope of the resulting health threat, and initiates appropriate action.  Educational and informational programs are held to inform the public of communicable disease prevention needs.

Services include:

  • Follow-up on reportable comunicable diseases
  • Tuberculosis prevention including testing, treatment, education, and counseling
  • Sexually transmitted disease surveillance and investigation
  • Referral for other services as needed

Daily School Absenteeism Form:

10-29-21 Flu Tracker graphic

For school staff to report influenza-like illness in the schools, please click the button above to complete the form.

Below is a list of reportable diseases in Illinois. This poster can also be found here for download or printing.