Building & Zoning

As the Building Department for unincorporated Boone County, we are committed to the quality of construction within our jurisdiction. The following information (also available as a handout) has been created in order to assist in a more efficient permitting and construction process by offering information and guidelines, as well as common mistakes our department encounters. We ask that you please refer to these handouts, as the information contained herein can potentially be time and cost effective for all parties.

Although an appointment is not required for a building permit, we recommend you call ahead to ensure someone will be here to assist you. Information for a building permit may be dropped off, mailed, e-mailed or faxed to our department at any time. Once the review is completed, the applicant will be notified whether it complied. Please note that any missing information can result in the delay of your processing. A building permit will be released once the review is approved and payment has been received.

This information outlines many, but not all, of Boone County codes. It is important to note that ALL building and zoning codes must be in compliance. 

Department Staff:

Senior Building Inspector:  Drew Bliss
Zoning Inspector:  Diane Zimmerman
Electrical Inspections:  B & F Code Services - 847-428-7010
Plumbing Inspector:  Greg Hunt - 815-218-0610


Boone County effective building codes:

  • International Residential Code 2003 with local amendments
  • International Building Code 2003
  • National Electrical Code 2005 with local amendments
  • Illinois Plumbing Code 2014 with local amendments
  • Boone County Zoning Ordinance
  • International Energy Conservation Code 2018 (Commercial & Residential)


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