Township Assessors

Your township assessor is required by law to identify and value all property based on its status on January 1st of the assessment year. Township Assessors attempt to arrive at an assessed value that is one-third of the market value by comparing your property to similar properties that have sold in your neighborhood and by analyzing that information relative to the replacement cost for your land and the improvements on the land.

Township Assessor Phone Address
Manchester Township Leroy Township Kris Hall (815) 292-3221 Manchester Township Hall 20904 Grade School Rd Caledonia IL 61011 Leroy Township Hall 9743 Blaine Rd Capron IL 61012
Caledonia, Bonus, Spring, and Poplar Grove  
9015 Marengo Rd.
Garden Prairie, IL 61038
Boone Glen Gratz  (815)569-2211
 PO Box 8 Capron IL 61012
Belvidere Mike St. Angel (815) 547-8095
8200 Fairgrounds Rd.
Belvidere, IL 61008
Flora  Glen Gratz (815)569-2211


Flora Township Hall 3100 Town Hall Rd Belvidere IL 61008