Message from the Chairman

Chairman's Message
By Karl Johnson

Karl Johnson
Welcome Home!  What a simple phrase, but it means so much.  So many people search forever to find a place that gives them that warm special feeling like sitting in grandma’s kitchen.  That’s what Boone County is.

While best known for our deep roots in the agriculture industry with some of the best soils in the state, there is much more to our community than meets the eye.  We are home to several large industries and many small businesses including a Fiat/Chrysler plant and related businesses that employ well over 5000 people.  These industries give us the support we need to provide a strong school system, dedicated conservation areas, and beautifully maintained parks and recreation facilities, with a quiet rural setting to raise a family. 

Each year our community comes together to celebrate our agricultural heritage and rural life style at the Boone County Fair.  With over 200,000 attendees it’s not only one of the most well attended fairs in the state, but many say its quality is second only to the State Fair.  This wonderful display is only made possible by hundreds of volunteers who share their love of their home with the many visitors each year.

We are glad you are here and we know that once you experience just a sense of Boone County life, soon you too will be saying, “Welcome Home”.