Boone County Comprehensive Plan



The Boone County Comprehensive Plan serves as the main guiding document for development within Boone County.  Not only does the plan reflect the vision of the County but it was also approved by various municipalities including the City of Belvidere, Village of Poplar Grove, Village of Timberlane, Village of Capron and Village of Caledonia.  In addition, the plan was approved by the Candlewick Lake Homeowners Association and the Hamlet of Garden Prairie. 


Future Land Use Maps

Incorporated within the Plan are numerous maps that are intended to better show the vision for Boone County as it continues to develop, change and grow.  Four main maps are available for viewing here, the remaining maps are available for review in the department.


Future Transportation Maps

Also incorporated within the Plan are recomendations on future roadway, rail and non-vehicle transportation routes.  Both maps are available for viewing here.


Other Recommendations

In addition to maps there are over 100 pages of information and recommendations contained within the plan which range from historical information to demographics to alternative land use scenarios and to environmental information.  The full text of the plan can be viewed here.