A Message From the Chairman

Bob Walberg, County Chair
Bob Walberg,
County Board Chair

Hello! As Chairman of the Boone County Board, I would like to extend a warm and friendly welcome to you as you get to know Boone County. If you are viewing this site from afar, a new resident just settling in, or a community member we already know, we are glad you are here.

Known as a farming community, our land boasts productive soils classified as some of the best in the state. From our beautiful, well maintained parks, strong school systems, golf courses, conservation areas, and both high end and affordable housing, Boone County is a wonderful place to live. And while Boone County offers a quiet, rural setting to establish roots and raise a family, it is also home to several large manufacturing and production firms, and many small businesses. Once a year, the entire community comes together to celebrate its agricultural heritage and rural way of life by attending the Boone County Fair. The fair is a wonderful exhibition made possible by hundreds of volunteers and attended by thousands.

As a retired airline pilot, I have traveled the world and experienced many cultures. However, it is my pride as a Boone County farmer and my love for the many fine residents that always brings me back. I am proud to call Boone County my home.