Great Lakes Basin Railroad

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The Great Lakes Basin Railroad project is just getting started.  Check back here for updates as the project progresses.  The most up to date maps and information can be found at


Additional information can be found here: 


Great Lakes Basin Route Update 9-23-16:

Wall Street Journal Article 4/19/16:

Chicago Tribune Article 4/15/16:

Summary of STB Process for new railroad construction projects:

Summary of Environmental Review Process before the STB:

STB Docket which has the filings submitted to the STB:!Surface-Transportation-Board/eeim8/5678b1960cf2ee60dd7206d5

Key Cases before the STB:

Rumors Article

Mailing list:

Updated 5/6/2016  Boone County GIS Department Maps:

  • Click Here For an interactive web map of the proposed route with parcel lines, road names, parks and more.
  • Click Here For a printable non-aerial map book.
  • Click Here For a printable non-aerial map book with water well information.

 05/12/2016 - For Boone County Conservation District Documentation CLICK HERE


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