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Boone County Animal Services Building Bid Specifications attached below

Printed plans and specifications are available for purchace from YCS Printing.  305 E. Riverside Blvd, Loves Park, IL 61111.  815-636-2058

BCASProjectManual.pdf1.56 MB
BCAS sheet 1 to 4 with index on 1-1.pdf8.9 MB
BCAS sheet 6.pdf2.75 MB
BCAS sheet 7.pdf8.25 MB
BCAS sheet 8.pdf8.48 MB
BCAS sheet 9 to 10.pdf3.34 MB
BCAS CivilEng_PLAN SET 05_13_2015.pdf5.11 MB
BCAS Electrical.pdf3.84 MB
BCAS HVAC.pdf1.04 MB
BCAS Plumbing.pdf1.75 MB