Property Tax Clinics

Curt Newport, Boone County Treasurer and Patricia Elder, Clerk of the Boone County Board of Review, will offer three Property Tax Clinics for Boone County taxpayers in the coming weeks. Dates and locations are as follows:

  • Monday November 8th at the Timberlane Village Hall, 2490 Charleston Court, Caledonia, IL
  • Monday, November 15th at the Boone County Administration Campus, 1212 Logan Avenue, Belvidere, IL
  • Thursday, November 18th at the Poplar Grove Village Hall, 200 Hill Street, Poplar Grove, IL.

All of these clinics will begin at 6:30 P.M. The clinics will:

  • Help property owners understand how property taxes work.
  • Dispel myths about taxes and assessments.
  • Explain the appeal process, and provide necessary forms and rules for filing appeals.
  • Provide information on all homestead exemptions.

The clinic is not a forum to discuss any specific individual assessment; these questions are best directed to the various Township Assessors in which the property is located. For more information, please contact: Boone County Assessment Office at 815-544-2958 or Boone County Treasurer's Office at 815-544-2666.