Press Release-Caledonia Road

Press Release


August 24, 2016



Notice:  New Stop Sign on Caledonia Road


The Boone County Board at its regular meeting on August 17, 2016 voted to place stop signs on Caledonia Road at the intersection of Dawson Lake Road making that intersection a four-way stop. 


The traffic accident history, and concern by residents, prompted this stop sign placement by the Board.  Caledonia Road is under the jurisdiction of the County and has a posted speed limit of 55 MPH.  Overall traffic movement in that part of the County is substantial with an estimated 1.5 million cars moving along that route annually.  However, traffic accident history shows several crashes have occurred at that intersection.  This prompted area residents to approach the County Roads & Capital Improvement Committee to ask for action by the Board.

It is anticipated that the stop sign will be installed by the end of September.  Residents who have questions may call the Boone County Engineer at 815.544.2066, or Boone County Administration at 815.547.4770, or your County Board Member.