Boone County Recorder Warns Against Deed Solicitations

Boone County Recorder, Mary S. Steurer, is advising Boone County residents to be cautious of documentation that they receive in the mail from companies offering to provide copies of their deed or property profile for a service fee.
Local Records Office out of Pekin, Illinois is the company doing the most recent mailing. This company is soliciting citizens to purchase their information for a fee of $89.00. All of this information can be found on the homeowner’s real estate tax bill or the deed itself which is recorded with the Recorder’s office.
Individuals should be aware they receive their recorded deed after their home closing, but if needed, a homeowner can retrieve a non-certified copy or a certified copy of their deed from the Recorder’s Office for a much lower fee. 
We also have a property Fraud Alert Program that residents may subscribe free of charge. Please contact the Boone County Clerk & Recorder’s Office at 815-544-3103 for further details or stop in for a pamphlet explaining the program.   
People need to be aware that these solicitations come from a third party and are not associated or condoned by the Recorder’s Office.