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Debbie Jarvis
Deputy Director

Amy Gallano
  Senior Probation Officer

Jeffrey L Weaver
Adult Probation Officer

Kevin Stewart
Adult Probation Officer

Kelly Davis
Juvenile Probation Officer

Justin Barber

Juvenile Probation Officer

Rachel Phillips

Drug Court Coordinator and Probation Officer

Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Illinois Boone County Probation Department

Adult Service 

Probation Officers conduct Pretrial Investigations for the Court that aid the Judge in determining the amount of bond and any conditions that may be warranted in the event the offender remains in the community pending trial.
Officers also conduct Presentence Investigations that provide the Court with a detailed social and criminal history of an offender and identify available resources to assist in the rehabilitation of those offenders eligible for community supervision.
Probation Officers enhance the public safety by diligently monitoring Court ordered conditions for those offenders sentenced to community supervision and develop supervision strategies that enable the defendant to remain in the community crime free and avoid incarceration and the local or state level.

Juvenile Services 

Juvenile Probation Officers monitor criminally charged minors who are given court orders allowing them to remain in the community. The juveniles are supervised through contacts with the parents, school and community resources in an attempt to hold juveniles and their families accountable for the court ordered conditions.
Juvenile Probation Officers also complete Social History Investigations, which provide the court with detailed background information on the juvenile and family, and make recommendations for rehabilitation.
The Juvenile Probation Department offers a diversion program for criminally arrested juveniles, in an attempt to divert the juveniles from the court system. Each juvenile’s case is assessed independently to determine what course of action is in the community’s and minor’s best interest.