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M-F 8:30a.m.-5:00p.m.


Functions of the County Clerk & Recorder:

  1. Clerk of the County Board and Keeper of the County Records
  2. Chief Election Officer for Boone County
  3. Keeper of Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, & Death Records - vital records start in 1877)
  4. Computation of Property Taxes and Redemption of Delinquent Taxes
  5. Record and Maintain all Land Transactions for Boone County - (land records start in 1838)

Department Staff:

Julie A. Stapler,  Boone County Clerk & Recorder

Sherry Blauert,  Chief Deputy County Clerk

Joyce Hepner,  Chief Deputy Recorder

Erica Bluege,  Deputy Clerk                           

Chris Gardner,  Deputy Clerk

Sheryl Rickabaugh,  Deputy Clerk 

Giselle Lenover,  Deputy Clerk