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Information Question of the Month (October)

Q) How long are animals held after they are impounded?
A) Any animal with identification such as a rabies license or identification tag or a microchip must be held seven (7) days for an owner to reclaim the animal. It is required that a notice of impound letter be sent when an animal is received that has identification.  
Dogs that do not have any identification are held for five days. On the fifth day, the animal can be placed for adoption or transferred to a licensed rescue. Dogs without identification that are not deemed adoptable due to health or temperament issues are still held for seven (7) days to give an owner opportunity to reclaim the animal. The exception to this would be a health issue that the Veterinary Administrator would decide that the animal should be euthanized for humane purposes.
There is no holding period for cats as they are generally not accepted at this time unless they are sick, injured, or have bitten someone. Occasionally Animal Services receives owner surrender cats that are healthy. These cats are transferred to a licensed rescue.

Boone County Animal Services is a government owned and operated animal control facility, certified and inspected by the State of Illinois. It is funded through vaccination registration by the citizens of Boone County.

 ATTENTION:  Boone County Animal Services is looking to expand their volunteer and adoption programs!  If you are interested in assisting in socializing the dogs and cats housed at Animal Services or helping at adoption events please contact the department at 815-547-7774 or email at  We will gladly answer any questions and forward you the appropriate applications or you can download the volunteer application here.

Be A Responsible Pet Owner

Each year, millions of homeless animals are taken to shelters around the country. Millions are neglected and abused. Millions are euthanized because there are not enough homes to take them.

Pet Overpopulation  problems affect people as well as animals.


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