Who's responsibility is it to maintain* a given road?

There are basically four different highway authorities who have maintenance responsibilities with in Boone County which are listed, along with the general jurisdictional responsibly:

  • State : Responsible for all marked and unmarked state routes and interstates. State roads can exist within the corporate limits of a city or village.
  • County : Responsible for all county roads which, in general, consist of main collector routes. County roads can also exist within the corporate limits of a city of village.
  • Township (Road District) : Responsible for all township roads within a given township. Roads on township lines may be the responsibility of either of the adjacent townships and it may change from one section to another.

    List of Township Highway Commissioners

    Township roads cannot exist within the corporate limits of a city or village. Therefore, if the corporate limits of a road is adjacent to or included within any part of the right-of-way that road is the maintenance responsibility of the city or village.

  • City or Village : Responsible for all public streets within the corporate limits except any State or county roads within the corporate limits.

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*Maintenance responsibilities include all activities necessary to keep the road to an acceptable level of service including, but not limited to, snow plowing, repairing roads, and reconstruction.